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that pays for itself

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What is Get Smarter Energy (GSE)?

Get Smarter Energy is a next generation energy procurement company that will buy your energy at the lowest cost and invest all income from this process in the delivery of energy demand reduction programmes on your site(s).

How does GSE pay for itself?

GSE does not retain management fees or commission. Whatever income can be derived from the procurement process will be invested on your estate to pay for energy demand reduction programmes across your site(s). This process is carried out completely transparently and GSE will derive its revenue from a share of your savings.

How does GSE procure?

GSE has a Tier 1 Platinum broker status with all the major energy companies. These relationships ensure that clients get the lowest possible energy prices.

What is in it for GSE?

GSE makes money by sharing savings delivered from driving down energy demand on your estate.

How long is the contract?

GSE typically enters into an energy procurement and energy savings contract with clients for an initial period of 3 - 5 years. The energy contract length will vary depending on the client, their requirements and the market rates available at the time of renewal. An expert team will advise clients on the best options available to them.

What is the core technology platform?

The core technology platform is Smart Carbon Control's industry leading internet based monitoring, reporting and control system platform. This platform has been proven in multiple applications for over 15 years with the likes of Atkins Asset Management, Sodexo, Barclays, Telecity, Goodrich, United Water etc. The platform delivers intelligent monitoring, reporting and asset control to a client's estate and is proven to drive down energy demand by up to 35%. The platform will also identify hotspots of energy use caused by inefficient processes or equipment and enable business case justification for the deployment of third party energy efficiency technology.

Who owns the invested technology?

The ownership of the core SCC platform will be signed over to the client on operational sign off. Should more capitally intensive plant be deployed on site, ownership will normally be transferred free of charge at the end of the contract period. This is discussed on a project by project basis.

Who runs the invested technology during the contract period?

GSE will oversee the delivery and ongoing management of agreed energy services to ensure the greatest levels of savings are delivered.

What happens at the end of a contract?

GSE contracts can be extended to continue the programme of investing and driving down costs. However, if a contract does come to an end, the client has a more efficient site with trained staff capable of maintaining the installed systems that will be owned by the client.

How does GSE verify savings?

The SCC platform monitors and reports consumption against the agreed energy demand baseline. Clients can either work with GSE utilising the SCC platform to provide savings verification, or utilise the services of a specialist independent gain share verification specialists.

What % of savings does the client retain?

Normally 50% of the savings are retained by the client.

Will this impact a client's current operations?

No. GSE has many years' experience of deploying solutions within the operational environment. In all cases GSE works with the client to ensure disruption of any day to day activity is kept to a minimum.

What does the client/GSE partnership involve?

The partnership involves GSE and the client working together to develop and then deliver an energy demand management road map. This road map sets out a series of actions and activities that will ultimately reduce energy use and therefore save money. At all times GSE will work closely with the client to ensure client specific requirements are met.

What information is required from the client?

Initial information required by GSE will be the energy contract renewal date; annual energy consumption data; half hourly metering data and a Letter of Authority. With this in place GSE can get to work behind the scenes, tendering for the best price energy contract. Once this has been agreed and signed off, GSE can carry out the process with as little or as much client involvement as required.