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Technology Platform

At the core of the energy efficiency operation provided by GSE is an industry leading internet based monitoring, reporting and control system.

Suitable for a wide variety of corporate, commercial, government and institutional estates, from high street to head office, this system is easy to implement, connects seamlessly to legacy systems and is available as a flexible package, comprising:

  • Local and remote 24/7 automated monitoring and control
  • Global reporting and analysis package
  • On-site sensor, logging, control and BMS hardware
  • Off-site communications, centralised database and web-server software
  • Specialist fault reporting and alerting package
  • Automated meter reading (AMR) and automated monitoring & targeting (aM&T) of energy consumption by specific area
  • Accurate energy forecasting, benchmarking and analysis tool
  • Normalised degree day analysis of energy consumption
  • Third party system inter-connectivity and data feeds
  • Project management, technical services, analysis and support, as required


The system hardware comprises:

Monitoring & Control Zone Kit

This includes sensors for monitoring temperature, light and boiler performance, with wired or wireless connectivity, and comprises a GPRS base unit with four digital (pulse) inputs, four battery powered wall-mount wireless sensors, one wireless receiver/co-ordinator and additional inputs and outputs.

Interfaces and expansion units

This can be as simple as a pulse adapter that fits on to a meter or hardware, or connecting third party systems such as interfaces for photovoltaic cells or wind turbines. This enables connection to a BMS and controllers via MODBUS, BACnet and LonWorks interfaces.

Sensors & actuators

Additional sensors improve monitoring capability, and actuators facilitate remote control of HVAC equipment and improve energy savings (the space temperature/light sensor is the most commonly used).

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Connection to (electricity, gas and water) meters, enables billing validation, troubleshooting and analysis. It accepts pulse or digital inputs from meters and includes wired or wireless connectivity (GPRS, PSTN or IP).

Sub-metering kits

This provides the ability to measure energy consumption of a pre-defined area, enabling cause of inefficiency to be identified. Kits consist of CT rings (one for each phase cable) plus sub-meter that connects to the platform.



This provision includes the following web modules:

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports & benchmarking

This generates reports for easy benchmarking between sites and comparing different organisations within an enterprise. Simplifies generation of corporate stakeholder reports.

CRC EES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme)

Facilitates energy cost reduction and efficiency improvements and simple, demonstrable CRC compliance and reporting. Clients can improve their performance in the published league table, delivering financial benefits and reducing the need to buy carbon credits. Other benefits include Environmental PR, Corporate Responsibility, stakeholder appeal and compliance with Standards and benchmarks.

Carbon footprint

The multi-building, web-enabled monitoring and control system enables users to monitor building-related factors affecting their carbon footprint and provides the means to control them, typically achieving 20-40% reduction in CO 2 emissions.

Also incorporates non-building related factors, such as business travel, ensuring footprint is accurate and complete. As well as bottom line benefits, the reduced carbon footprint provides proof to stakeholders that environmental responsibilities are being taken seriously. It also contributes to Corporate Responsibility, provides material for Environmental PR and reduces organisational risk.


An automated monitoring and targeting module that collects data from electricity, gas and water meters, enabling profiles to be created that can be used to validate bills, improve understanding of energy usage and target savings. Includes automatic data collection, database collation, analysis and presentation, and can include third-party specialist aM&T packages. It also enables users to set targets for energy usage and review current performance.

Remote Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

The BEMS module is a web based automated monitoring and control system enabling HVAC equipment and workspaces to be managed centrally, providing an opportunity to save money.

Sensors and controllers are located in plant rooms, offices and work-spaces and connected wirelessly to the central server, which feeds a dedicated website. This provides users with 24/7 access to energy usage data and reports, as well as estate wide control, with control options varying from management of individual room temperature to creation of estate-wide rules.


This is a tool for professional Facilities Managers that provides �live� data on the performance of key building assets. This enables a pro-active maintenance programme to be developed, with comprehensive FM bureau help-desk prioritised alarm displays and messaging tools.

European Code of Conduct

GSE's deployed solution can report to and benchmark against the ISO 50001 Energy Management System compliance scheme.